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The Kowalski Classic

20 September 2015

The Race

The Kowalski Classic is a one-day showcase of the famous trails in East Kowen Forest and Sparrow Hill. The event celebrates the achievements of local trail building legends Paul Cole, Alan Anderson and the mysterious Kowalski Brothers who together with their trail crew have built all the trails in the area.

A singletrack marathon like no other, the Kowalski Classic is jam packed with as much fine flowing trail as is humanly possible to string together into one day of racing, including all time favourites and new trails built especially for the race. If you like riding oodles of singletrack, then you will LOVE the Kowalski Classic. Find your flow on the Bird and the Kow. 

The Kowalski Classic is the ultimate single track marathon with two race distances taking in the very best trails in Sparrow Hill and East Kowen.

The Kowalski Brothers turn themselves inside out each year building brand new trails and interesting links especially for this race, so you can expect to ride a crazy amount of trail. You will visit places you’ve not seen before and ride what is quite possibly the highest mtb single track in the region.

Of course, we know you want a bit of mongrel in your racing, so we’ve put in a stout climb or two in the bigger distances. You can expect to kiss your stem and find the upper limit of your HRM on at least one of these climbs. (Note: all steep fire road climbs are courtesy of our hosts, the ACT Parks and Conservation Service. Awesome work, thanks guys.)

A fire road climb at the start of the race will serve to spread the field out and assist with achieving uninterrupted skinny dirt bliss as you tick of the turns, traverses, climbs and descents you love so much. Enjoy.


THE FULL KOWALSKI (Circa 90-100 km):

The Full Kowalski will challenge you over a mind bendingly high proportion of flowing single track across East Kowen Forest and Sparrow Hill. Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention tantalising traverses, sweet carving descents and a few delightfully stout stem-biting climbs (provided free by the ACT Parks and Conservation Service!). This race will have it all… and more.

Questions, questions…

Will the second half of the Full Kowalski be the veritable grand tour of Sparrow Hill (a Paul Cole Special Edition™) or will it be in the first 50km? Where will the mid-race Espresso Bar be? How many egg and bacon rolls will we cook? Are the chocolates free? Is there a limit on watermelon or bananas? What else can I expect along the way?

All questions will be answered on the day, but these two things are certain… The Bird is the Word and the Kow is like Wow.


Worried that the Full Kowalski will overwhelm your good vibes receptors? Then take on the Half Kowalski: shorter on distance and long on single track. This is a no compromise race distance with the very best trails in East Kowen on display. We have woven an intricate course that will challenge and reward.


We’re considering adding a shorter distance for those who are uncertain of their ability to ride the Half Kowalski. This distance will be ideal for people new to mountain biking and those who have had time off the bike and need a more gentle wake up call.