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The Kowalski Classic


2017 Course Description



Bottle Drop is available for 32km, 72km and 88km. There will be milk crates (suitably marked) at Race HQ for this purpose. Drop your bottles before 7:30 race start.


HALF KOWALSKI (50KM) – A little over 1000m vertical

(Note FULL Kowalski riders do this loop first, then a separate loop for their second 50km)

Riders head out of Race HQ along Millpost Road then turn RIGHT onto the low fire road that heads out toward the Far East trails. After a short climb, first tracks are Drunken Noodle, Soggy Bottom, Yakitori and Stud Muffin (backwards) before you begin a longish fire road grind up the hill that overlooks the Bungendore valley. Once at the top, you will dive down the ever popular descending trails of Birthday Suit and Love You Long Time before turning out onto Spring Roll, down to Dam Straight and across Dam Track. Hang a RIGHT at the exit, punch a short climb up the fire road and LEFT to Ridgeline then RIGHT again heading up the fire road to Quickie and Sake to ascend the hill in the nicest way before heading down the outer fire road to ride Haiku. Be sure to bid these trails a fond farewell, as the whole Far East will fall to the saw this Summer.

Once through the Far East gate, you enter the harvest zone. We’ve called this section Remembrance Drive. It runs about 2km and takes you up to Seismic Gate. While riding this section, please take time to remember the fun times you’ve had on the following 35 trails which have been lost to harvest this winter – Crazy Horse, Zuma, Cut Snake, Native Patch, Aunty Flo, Sugar Glider, Wooly Wanderer, Southern Comfort, Angle Grinder, Organ Grinder, Stockyards, B52, Tank Run, Carver, Tutu, No Matter Where You Go There You Are, Front Nine, Miss Jane, Last Call, Sunset Boulevard, Dusk, Chatterbox, Outpost, Li’l Sebastien, Nooky, Extra Nooky, Ground Shaker, Lost Weekend, Snake in the Grass, Shiitake, Fairy Glen II, Magic Mushroom, Bliss Out, Ziggy Stardust, Nooky and Kowalski’s Beer Garden. They were good trails.

As you approach Seismic Gate, you will see signs that indicate a COURSE SPLIT – directing QRTR Kowalski riders to go STRAIGHT and riders in the HALF/FULL to turn RIGHT. Take the RIGHT and jump onto Yipikaye (the first of the spaghetti bowl trails). Bloodnut Stout is next and the first properly challenging climb of the day. Bloodnut contains 38 organic switchbacks in total, with 26 of them in tight succession (balance and slow speed handling will be rewarded here). Your Bloodnut induced grimaces will transform as you turn on Kowalski’s Sideshow which drops you onto Green Mile. Near the end of Green Mill there is a COURSE CROSS OVER. GO SLOW. Obey the directions of the course marshal as you head through, turn LEFT turn up to Coffee Grinder then turn RIGHT down the next fire road onto Quadrophenia, Wriggle Room and Sheep Dip. Once out of Sheep Dip follow the signs down to ride all the trails in lower Kowen – Last Tango, Hammer TimeTanglewood Back Door, Rock Pile Loop, Tanglewood Front Door, Number 2 and Circle Work before heading out to the Wild West on Orchard Road. Orchard Road is a good spot for a feed/drink as the next selection of trails will have you on the edge of your saddle. NOTE: There is a COURSE SPLIT on Orchard Road, where QRTR Kowalski riders depart your course. YammyHuskyHoleshot, Tank Slapper and Monkey Butt are all trails we’ve renamed for race day and you’ll feel the difference in these trails right away. Just be ready to make sudden gear changes as the pitchy nature of the terrain comes into play. Turn RIGHT upon exit of Monkey Butt for a fire road traverse back across the mountain. Turn LEFT at the intersection for a stout (but short) climb then turn RIGHT into Luftwafel. Turn RIGHT out of Luftwafel and traverse across to the start of Excesscalator (Escalator has been extended 325m). Excesscalator will ask the same question that Bloodnut did (“Can you ride the tight twisty stuff?”). Hopefully you answer in the affirmative and clean the whole trail. Exit RIGHT and onto the highest AND longest trail of the day The Effing Track. About 200m after the exit is the 32km FEED  ZONE. Take a break, reward your effort with everything we have on offer (including espresso and egg and bacon rolls) as you will need a bit more in the tank for what is to come… Head East from the Feed Zone and into our long lost pal Ren. A few jumps in here, so be ready for them. Turn RIGHT onto the fire road, LEFT onto the fire road that climbs up behind the Seismic Station. RIGHT onto SNOT and Hanky then ride around the back of the Seismic Station before diving down Yamamoto, straight into Slider followed shortly after by Stubbies. NOTE: As you exit Slider there is a COURSE MERGE (QRTR riders come back onto course). Once through the gate at the other side turn RIGHT and head down to Sweet Apples and LEFT onto Orchard Road. A short blast along Orchard then LEFT to head up to Cherry Lane, Cheap Seats and onto Rolling Thunder II. At the exit of Rolling Thunder II you reach the COURSE CROSS OVER. GO SLOW. Obey the directions of the course marshal as you head through onto Rolling Thunder I. There is a COURSE SPLIT shortly after this point, where QRTR Kowalski riders depart your course. Obey the directions of the course marshal as before. You are now back in the spaghetti bowl for a final serving of our favourite climbing and descending trails. Rolling Thunder I, Web Track, Romper Room and Stairway to Heaven beckon. Exercise caution upon entering Romper Room! Skills and tenacity will be rewarded here and PLEASE for the benefit of your fellow riders – STEP OFF THE TRACK to allow riders coming through from behind you. Give them the opportunity to clean the sections of trail that you have not (This is particularly important for Romper Room and Stairway to Heaven trails). Turn LEFT as you exit Stairway to Heaven, then turn RIGHT onto Love Child, LEFT onto Two Bridges. There is a COURSE MERGE at Two Bridges (where QRTR riders come back onto course). Exit LEFT and LEFT again through the gate to ride up to the very last trail of the day… Weirdo. Turn RIGHT onto the fire road as you exit and ride down to the gate for the final run down the paddock to the finish. You have just completed our most epic course yet. Well done! 52 trails down.


QRTR Kowalski riders follow the same route as the HALF Kowalski for the first 13km before the course splits for the first time. Please read the course description above for an overview of the course. From the 13km point there are three course splits to be aware of – splits that will see you leave (and later rejoin) the route taken by riders in the HALF Kowalski. The COURSE SPLITS you need to be ready for are described below.



COURSE SPLIT #1: As you approach Seismic Gate at the 13km mark, you will see signs that direct QRTR Kowalski riders to go STRAIGHT onto Kowalski’s Sideshow. There will be a marshal to assist at this decision point.  

COURSE SPLIT #2: About halfway along Orchard Road, you will see signs that direct QRTR Kowalski riders to TURN RIGHT onto Piggy trail. Turn RIGHT. There will be a marshal to assist at this decision point. Exit RIGHT onto the fire road at the end of Piggy and follow that to the next intersection. Turn RIGHT at the intersection, shortly after which you will rejoin the HALF Kowalski course and turn LEFT onto Stubbies trail.

COURSE SPLIT #3: Just after the start of Rolling Thunder I (and just after the COURSE CROSSING on Green Mile), you will see signs that direct QRTR Kowalski riders to TURN RIGHT onto a exit trail then LEFT onto the fire road. There will be a marshal to assist at this decision point. Climb the fire road to rejoin the HALF Kowalski course at Two Bridges.



LOOP 2 (50 KM) – ADVENTURES IN SPARROW HILL – Approx 850m Vertical

After completing LOOP 1FULL KOWALSKI riders ride back up the West paddock they came in on, turn LEFT onto the fire road then head over toward Hibernian Carpark. First trail for Loop 2 is Upstart then a rollicking descent down Big Wednesday, LEFT onto Meatballs, exit RIGHT and continue over to the large underpass. Next trails are Waterside Way IWaterside Way II, Barney’s, up the fire road RIGHT into Pop a Top LEFT onto Brown Water, Down & Dirty, Choc Monte, LEFT down to Sonza’s Grinder, Ingeledene, Bonny’s Delight, Dicky Knee, Traffic Jam, The Trig, Blue Lagoon, Fun House, LEFT onto the fire road, LEFT turn onto Zipitty to the top gate. FEED ZONE #2 (72km) is located at the top gate. The sequence of trails is Dog Stirred, Nutcracker, Out the Back, LEFT at fire road, RIGHT onto link track, LEFT onto Pig Hollow, Heavy Cow, Short Stuff, LEFT onto fire road, RIGHT onto Heavy Cow, across the road to Carwoola, RIGHT onto fire road, LEFT onto More Boar, Gum Gully, LEFT onto fire road, LEFT  onto Left and Right, Wonderland, Paul’s Pinch, Tom Thumb, Spider Web III, Spider Web II, Spider Web I, LEFT onto Sparrow Road for a climb to Lickety Split, Rigour Mortis then RIGHT onto the fire road to go through Arrow Gate. Brake Dance, Rock N Roll, Disco Duck, exit onto the fire road to FEED ZONE #3 (88km). McGinty’s, Lower McGinty’s, Dunny Track, Block 9 Road, Creek Run, Spaghetti, turn RIGHT and into Meatballs II, a bit more fire road then LEFT into Home Run, Das Autobahn, Kowalski’s Enchanted Forest, Native Link, Restless Natives, RIGHT onto the fire road then Mud Duck is your last trail of the day. Exit Mud Duck then down through the paddock for epic glory.

52 more trails in Loop 2 – A huge effort for sure… Enjoy!