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5 Questions

By Awesome Sock Guy

No matter how far off the race is, it is worthwhile to ask your team five questions

1. Should we transition like a squad of marines?

This is something you need to get straight. Think for a minute. Would you rather bust your arse to stay in touch with that guy in front, only to be twiddling your thumbs at transition because your slack-arse mate was too slack-arse to be there on time – or watch that guy ride away, then giggle as HE’S sooking in transition because his buddy is late. If you’re going to bury yourself on the track, it’s worth asking yourselves if you’re going to do all you can in transition – where it’s only easy organisation, not muscle-power that makes a difference.

But before you answer that, ask yourself this…

2. Will we ride all night?

You don’t have to ride all night. Why would you ride all night? There are plenty of teams who are (statistically on entry numbers alone) likely to beat you, so why beat yourself up getting all anal and riding all night. Chill. Relax. – Or don’t. By all means ride all night. After all, that’s why you’re here isn’t it? You do rather need to know, as a team, what the plan is.

But before you answer that, ask yourself this…

3. Who’s the boss?

Someone oughta be the boss – and not necessarily that sucker you convinced to do all the lame paperwork and entry guff. Someone needs to be the psychological boss. The Arthur to your knights, the Jerry to your George, Elaine and Kramers, the Tony Abbott’s Speedos to the press gallery – your best team leader is one that is clearly worthy of following, but not so gauche as to demand it. The true team boss makes sure everyone is on the same page, so that it’s clear and known where chardonnay and lap times sit in the hierarchy of pit importance.

But before you answer that, ask yourself this…

4. Do you REALLY care?

You don’t have to. For 99.9% of the field, in 3 months it’ll be about the memory of a fun bit of track, or a great weekend – not about mentally hitting yourself with sticks about how fast you went or how badly you buggered up that line or what an arse-clown your team mate was for flatting. Remember, it’s not important – not like getting into Uni, or convincing that opposite sex member that you’re secretly Jake Gyllenhaal or Scarlett Johansson, or coming up with the right name so your kids don’t go through life called Logan or Citroen. It’s only a bike race.

But before you answer that, ask yourself this…

5. Is it important?

It might be. Perhaps you’re trying to prove something to yourself. Perhaps you get your jollies from whipping a team into shape, riding as hard as you can all weekend and going home knowing you did the best you could. Or perhaps you really are here just for the Friday night shenanigans. I can’t answer that for you, (despite this pair of awesome socks) – they can’t answer that at the rego tent, and that clown who blew past and pushed you into the bushes sure ain’t going to answer it. You gotta do that yourself.