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Al, does this email just go to you, or does it go to a whole bunch of you who pulled the Mont together? ‘Cause I wanted to send through a really big, fat, dusty-smiled barrel of thanks for such a great weekend. Everyone seems to be raving about the trails, not just new riders, but people who’ve been riding for ages as well – to please both groups is so deserving of such big praise. And massive congrats on all the work that went into them, you could feel the love in every corner! The clincher for me was when someone mumbled something about how nice it was that people were just hanging out chatting with each other and then kind of implied that anyone could put together an event and that would happen. I reckon that’s bull. It’s only when everything else is so spectacularly in place that people come, ride, hang out, and enjoy the time on the track as much as the time on it. So thank you to everyone who built the trails, booked the everything, and came along to make it what it was. Thank you heaps! You’re a pack of legends!

I hope you’re all recovering well and area looking forward to the new race in September.

Kath Bicknell

Hi folks

Just a note to say thanks for an excellent event. It was so well organised, and the team must have worked some magic on the track to get it up to where it was after the recent heavy rains. It held up damn well!

I particularly wanted to say how amazingly courteous and friendly the riders out of the track were. It was my first Mont and I was nervous about having dozens of cranky riders sitting on my tail trying to pass. I only encountered good vibes and many cheery thankyous by the riders passing (and believe me, there were a lot!).

In addition to the track itself, the facilities and campground were excellent. Handling that many people effectively is not trivial.

Thanks again, and I look forward to 2013, and hopefully a few less people passing me next time!

Karina West

As expected, you have delivered! What an awesome weekend, an absolute corker, you even managed to arrange things with the weather gods – cold but not too cold, no rain and the wind dropped nicely in the early evenings. Where I have memories of the showers being packed and the toilets almost uninhabitable by early Sunday, both were excellent. Oh, and the trail, simply awesome! Just so, so, so much fun. Sure, it was spongy in parts but those parts were very short and a lot of the track actually got better as the 24 hours wound on. Well done and thank you.

David Higgins