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What is the Mont24?

It’s catching up with mates you haven’t seen all year.  Trying to beat the team captain.   Cranking off the best night lap.  Stumbling amongst a sea of tents.  A great excuse to buy new bike bits.  Wondering why you do it at 3am in the morning.  Saying you are in it just for fun but seriously trying to beat the field.  The great mix of all types of riders that compete.  Wishing you remembered your pillow.  Looking for the best cappuccino fix.  The massages.  The local derby between friendly teams.  Eating as much food as you want all night long.  Discovering there is some sweet new single track.  Being more excited than a wolverine zipped up in a sleeping bag full of prairie dogs.  The mechanical that converts your bike into a scooter at the halfway mark.  Keeping up with a Pro rider for 5 corners before your legs give out.  Vowing it will be 6 when the next one shoots past.   Checking out the latest bikes.  Drinking Red Bull and Gu till your head spins.  Standing at transition wondering where the heck your next rider is. The bravado of claiming you were close to the 4 note 12 second fart.  Claiming 5 riders at each climb.  Coaxing your lights through the last 2km.  Slipping on someone else’s knicks just before your next lap.  Double flatting and realising one of your team took your pump to inflate their bed.  Half an hour after the event thinking it’s one of the best things you have done all year.  Putting your hand up to ride the last lap.  The questions raised at 3am and -5 degrees. Wok fried bacon at 6am.  Having great fun.  Taking the next day off work.  The beer at 24hrs and 10 seconds.  Packing up and agreeing to do it all again next year.
All of the above.