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1-2 April 2017

Enter the race


Read through the steps below, then click HERE to go through to the event entry system.


Whoever registers the team will by default be the Team Captain. The Team Captain can enter the personal information for each team member*. The email address you enter for the Team Captain will be where team correspondence is sent to (including the Payment receipt). *Team members can also enter their details once they have been invited to join a team.

You will receive a confirmation email containing your registration details with a link back to your entry so you can populate the entry.

NOTE: Team names may be up to 30 characters. This is your chance to be creative and get your team’s character down. Remember, there are prizes for Best Dressed at the Mont.

If you have the details for your team-mates handy, enter their details now. If you do not have your team structure worked out, you can skip through to payment of your entry. The important thing is to secure your entry.

It is essential that the information you enter for each participant is accurate and correct. This information is required for safety, insurance and verification purposes.

NOTE: Unique email addresses and mobile numbers are required for each participant.

STEP 2: Donations and event merchandise

During the entry process you can donate pre-order event T-shirts and other event merchandise. This year’s design is simply awesome, so order for your team now as only a limited number are available for sale on race day.

You can also donate to the Kowalski Trail Fund and support their work.

STEP 3: Payment

Once paid, your entry is secured. IMPORTANT NOTE: Your payment via credit card will feature ‘Register Now‘ and the event name as the payee. Make sure you remember this when you get your monthly statement.


Note: Making changes is pretty easy. You can add to or modify your team’s details once registration and payment is complete. You may change race categories or transfer your entry online up until entries close or we sell out (date TBC)