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1-2 April 2017

Terms etc.

Refunds etc

Self Propelled Enterprises Pty Ltd is a sports events company and our focus is on delivering the best event that we can, however there are circumstances that may require cancellation of the event. These could include fire, storm, rain, flood, forest closure or any other circumstances. Please understand that in the event of cancellation at the race venue we will endeavour to conduct the race on another date (if possible). However we will not compromise rider’s safety. Event cancellation is always a possibility.

The decision to cancel an event is made by the race committee in consultation with or at the directive of the land manager (ACT Parks and Conservation Service). This move to cancel may be required by the land manager on public safety or other grounds.

If the event is cancelled more than seven days from the event, teams can nominate to receive a refund less a 10% administration fee or accept a 100% transfer of entry to the rescheduled date (tentatively at 30 September) or accept a 100% transfer to the Kowalski Classic 2017. If the event is cancelled within 72 hours from the event, teams can nominate to receive a refund of 75% or accept a 100% transfer of entry to the rescheduled Mont 24 or a 100% transfer to the Kowalski Classic 2017.

Team Changes / Team Sizes

We understand that team dynamics can change and understand that riders on a team may need to change between entry and race day. The registration system can handle a wide range of changes with relative ease by your team captain. Please note: Certain changes may attract a an administration fee. Note: Up to 15 February 2017 it may be possible to reduce the number of riders in your team to race in a different category. Similarly, it is possible to increase the size of your team from 4 to 6 riders. Beyond this date any changes must be done in consultation with the race organiser and an administrative charge may apply. From 16 February 2017 there will be no refund for a team reduced to a smaller team size, and full team fees apply.

Team Entry Cancellation/Withdraw

If your team have to withdraw from the race, the following refunds will apply. The refund amount is determined by the date Self Propelled Enterprises receive a written request advising of a team’s intention to withdraw from the event.
On or before 12 January 2017 — Refund 75%
On or before 15 February 2017 — Refund 50%
From 16 February 2017 — No Refund


Entrants must abide by the Race Rules, obey the directions of officials and exhibit good conduct. Entrants must accept that their entry may be voided if their actions or behaviour break any of the race rules or brings the event into disrepute. This decision is at the sole discretion of the organisers. The organisers also reserve the right to reject any entry without having to justify their actions.

No Commercial Activity

With the exception of event organisers, sponsors and authorised traders within the Race HQ/expo area (such as bike shop, food service providers etc) be advised that DISPLAY, PROMOTION or SALE of products or services is not permitted within the campground, forest or in the vicinity of the event centre. Persons found to be undertaking these activities will be escorted from the venue. Note: The display of banners or flags of team sponsors or employers is permitted.

No Drones

With the exception of CASA-certified drone operators engaged by the event organisers to cover the event, drones are expressly forbidden to fly near or over the campgrounds, event centre, forest or race course. Persons found to be undertaking these activities will be identified and reported to CASA and the land managers for action. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. This is an issue of public safety.


Photographers interested in covering the event are directed to contact the event organisers and seek permission to access areas such as the event centre, campground, forest and race course during the event weekend.

Trump-Free Zone

In the interests of participant safety (including the safety of spectators, friends and family), the event centre, race course and surrounding trails have been declared a Trump-Free Zone.