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1-2 April 2017

The Venue

East Kowen Forest is a large tract of pines that parallels Sparrow Hill on the other side of the Kings Highway.

In just a few years East Kowen has become the land of flow and a Mecca for mountain biking in the ACT region. There is now over 60 kilometres of hand-tooled trail making it the largest trail network in the region. The trails have been built by Paul Cole and the mysterious Kowalski Brothers and their dedicated team of trail volunteers. Together they have delivered something outstanding, and it is their gift to the riding community.

Who Built The Trails In East Kowen?

Paul Cole: The Track Fairy, the old man on the shovel and now officially recognised as The Cole-Fired Industrial Dirtistry – a one-man track building machine. East Kowen Trails are Stockyards, Rolling Thunder, Webb Track, Wooly Wanderer, Corkscrew, Sweet Apples, Cherry Lane, Tank Run, Southern Comfort, Cheap Seats, Stiff Link, Restless Natives, Mud Duck and Fairy Glen II and more.

Kowalski Brothers Trailworks: Trail builders of legend and now award winners. The Kowalskis are responsible for iconic trails Kowalski’s, Son of Kowalski, Kowalski’s Trouser Snake, Ghost of Kowalski and many more. For those old enough to remember, these names still bring a smile. East Kowen Trails by the Kowalski’s are Sideshow, Stairway to Heaven, Romper Room, Front Nine, Crazy Horse, Ziggy Stardust, Beer Garden, Bliss Out, Magic Mushroom, Snake in the Grass, Love Child, Aunty Flo, SABN, Sunset Boulevard, Carver, Front Nine, No Matter Where You Go There You Are, Last Call, Fairy Glen II and many, many more. The Kowalskis are volunteers, one and all. They have been instrumental in building all these trails.

Important Info About Millpost Road

Outside of the event, there is no access for riders via Millpost Road. Parking is not permitted on the verge outside the gate, nor parking in the paddock on Millpost Road, nor within the Kowen Forest. Parking in these areas puts future events at risk. Respect the landholders rights and only park at Sparrow Hill.

Note: Areas of East Kowen are used for sheep agistment. This means the gates must remain closed until the race weekend, and will probably be manned by a course marhsall while they are open for the race. Lift your bikes over the fences, do not open them. Please look out for the other users (including farmers and their sheep). If you see an open gate, please shut it.