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1-2 April 2017

Getting There

From Canberra/Queanbeyan: Head toward Bungendore on the Kings Highway about 15km. After you have passed both Sparrow Hill Road and Hibernian Road (on your left), look for Millpost Road (also on your left), just before the JOC roundabout.This is the entrance to the event centre.

Note: Sparrow Hill Road is where most people park for every day riding in Sparrow Hill and East Kowen. After our recent trail building efforts, Hibernian Road is becoming more popular as a trail head (Hibernian Road is the first road over the hill past Sparrow Road).

From Bungendore: Head toward Queanbeyan on the Kings Highway for about 10km and take the first right turn about 50m after the JOC roundabout.

Nearest Intersection: The JOC roundabout on the Kings Highway is the closet thing to the entrance to the event centre.