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Handy tips

TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT  Critical to the success of the event is that all competitors and spectators follow the temporary road rules. A key point in this strategy is to ensure that traffic enters and exits safely from the event area and that everyone obey all instructions from traffic marshals. Failure to follow these rules may jeopardize future events.

WAIVERS  Print your WAIVER out and sign it. NOTE: You can register for the whole team ONLY if you present a signed TEAM WAIVER for the whole team. We won’t have many at Rego, so come prepared.

RACE BRIEFING & RULES  Riders MUST attend the pre race briefing from the race Director. Please re-read the race rules on the WEBSITE.

LISTEN TO VOLUNTEERS  Please respect and follow the instructions from race crew volunteers. They have everyone’s best interests and safety at heart and are working hard to ensure that you enjoy the event.

CARPOOL!  Reduce traffic congestion and carpool with your team mates. It might be a squeeze, but if everyone does it, you will get into the campsite quicker and with less stress. It’s good for the environment too.

ARRIVE AND REGISTER EARLY  If you think you can drive in at 10am Saturday, find the perfect campsite, setup and then register… think again. There’s in excess of 3000 riders riding the Mont, so come very early (or preferably the day before) and make your Mont easier.

HYDRATION  Hydration is an important safety issue for all competitors. Every rider commencing a race lap must carry a minimum of 750 mls of water, preferably more.

WARM CLOTHING  East Kowen in March can experience sub-zero temperatures. All riders should ensure that they bring appropriate clothing for extreme cold conditions.

BIKE SECURITY  Its an unfortunate reality that mountain bikes are stolen from races. Please ensure the security of your bike at all times. It is prudent to lock your bike when not in use.

NO OPEN FLAMES/FIRES  Gas BBQs are acceptable, however any uncontrolled flame will be extinguished. If it is declared a TOTAL FIRE BAN, all directions as issued by ACT Emergency Services will be applied.

NO DOGS  Dogs are not allowed at the Mont (neither are pet cats, bunnies or caribou). Leave your pets at home… they upset the crocs.

BATTERY RECHARGING  The Battery recharging tent is open from 12pm Friday. Bring your own team power board. Ensure you have your name on all batteries, rechargers and power boards. Leaving batteries etc unattended is an individual responsibility.

BIKE SERVICE  Service your bike BEFORE you come to the race. It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many forks were serviced at the last Mont.

LIGHTS  Charge your lights fully BEFORE you come to the race. The charging tent is for top-ups, and gets busy.

BRING WATER  If you each bring a 15L container of water with you, you probably won’t need to lug any water around during the race, and you can feed the trees nearby when you leave. How green is that!

GENERATORS  Generators are welcome however be mindful of your camping neighbours and turn them off at 11pm.

SHOWERS  Yes, we have a block of showers for soft racer types. Available from race start and right through to the end. Strictly 3 minutes though!

ROOS  There are many kangaroos in the hills around you, they love to come and watch MTB. You will definitely see them while racing, and apart from bolting a Shu-Roo to the front of your bike, there’s not much you can do about their bounding through the trees and across the trails. One rider was hit by a roo during the race in 211 so just be aware they are out there, and hopefully you will not encounter one at speed.

TOILETS & LOO PAPER  While there’s plenty of toilets at the Mont, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be queues from time to time and occasionally a toilet paper shortage (we’ll do our best to avoid this situation of course). Smart folks and seasoned riders pop a roll of their favourite brand into their kit bag for those occasions.

HAVE FUN What more can we say, just bloody well enjoy yourself!