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Our land managers

As in previous years, the ACT Parks and Conservation Service is pleased to provide the venue for the Mont 24 hour mountain bike race. Parks and Conservation Service is responsible for the management of parks, reserves and rural lands including all commercial pine plantations.

The Mont is held at Kowen Forest. Though a commercial pine plantation, it also has a major focus on multiple uses. Pine plantations play a vital role in providing a recreational facility for residents of the ACT and surrounds. ACT plantations have hosted 30,000 participants through sporting clubs and events over the past year.

Until recently, commercial harvesting in Kowen has been on hold since priority was put into salvage harvesting from the 2003 bush fires. Harvesting recommenced in Kowen in 2009. First thinning has been the priority in an attempt to return it to an actively growing and productive plantation. Over the past 12 months, 45,000 tonnes has been harvested. All harvesting is scheduled around major events such as the Mont.

Today’s forest management practices aims to protect the remnant natural forests, soil and water quality and cultural heritage sites while also allowing for sustainable timber production. Sustainability ensures the forests are ‘here today and tomorrow’- good news for all mountain bikers.

Enjoy your ride and be responsible

Whenever you are riding in Kowen, to make your experience more enjoyable and to minimise your impact, please observe the following: