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Kowalski Heritage

Kowalskis have been building trails in the Canberra region since 1990 (including some of the very first trails on Stromlo). In fact, many of the key ride locations in the ACT feature (or have featured) trails designed and built by the Kowalski Brothers. Greenhills (now aboretum) and Stromlo (both pre-fires) contained many of our trails with Majura and West Kowen coming later.

In the early days, Kowalskis would build trail under a veil of secrecy. No one knew who the Kowalskis were and we would only open a trail after it had been dialed, sculpted and hand troweled by our secret brotherhood. While we liked being mysterious and unknown back then, these days we are out there and obvious (like a loud shirt). We are the Kowalskis damn it and we love nothing better than building new fashioned trails… the old fashioned way.

Since 2008, we have concentrated our efforts on Sparrow Hill and more recently East Kowen (in close association with fellow trail building legend Paul Cole). All of the trails in East Kowen have been developed by Kowalskis and Paul Cole. In fact before we started, this area contained no mtb trails at all. Since starting our good work in East Kowen we have worked virtually non stop designing and building a major network of trails that has seen the venue grow to enjoy immense popularity for mountain bikers. Many of the trails ride so well they are becoming the stuff of legend.

To date we have invested thousands of hours in East Kowen trails and we ain’t stopping any time soon. Now that the highway realignment is complete we have been working hard to join Sparrow Hill and East Kowen together in a magical way. East Kowen and Sparrow Hill trails will soon be considered one huge and outstanding place to ride… rather than two separate venues. Viva la Kowalski.