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The Crew

In the early days, we designed and built our tracks in complete secrecy – sneaking into the forest at ungodly hours to do our thing. We would even stop, duck or hide any time we heard riders nearby. Our aim was to ‘ launch’ our well crafted tracks quietly to an unsuspecting audience. No one knew who the Kowlaski’s were… and we liked it that way.

These days we are out in the open and building more trails than ever before and seeing as none of us are dentists we will show you our faces (though we have fiddled with names to remain a little mysterious).

The Kowalski Brothers Trailworks inner circle comprises Des, Barry and Steve Kowalski and our hardworking trail crew includes Harri, Craig, Pat, Sarah, Tyno, Nathan, Lisa, Tom, Declan, Evan, Mick, Richard, Pekka, Jim, Ross, Kevin, James, George, Grace, Duane, Vaughan, Catherine, Peter… and more.