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Trail Buddy App

The trail network in East Kowen Forest and Sparrow Hill is the Canberra region’s largest ride destination. Hand tooled by a small but insanely dedicated group of trail builders*, the trail network had become so huge that an App was needed to help riders discover them all. So we built one with our friends. Over the past 2 years we have added the ride locations of Majura Pines, Bruce Ridge and the new Zoo Pines because they are awesome places to ride!

The Kowalski’s Trail Buddy App contains everything you need to explore these popular trails.
It includes:

Whether you ride the trails regularly or there for the very first time, this App will be the handiest tool in your pack (especially if you want to ride that trail you’ve heard good things about or find your way back to the car! Ride the Kow (Kowen), the Bird (Sparrow), Madge (Majura), the Ridge (Bruce Ridge) and the Zoo.

Simply download the App and use your phone’s GPS to show where you are on the map. Enjoy your ride!

*All trails in Sparrow Hill and East Kowen have been built by Canberra’s most renowned trail builders: Paul Cole, Alan Anderson, the Kowalski Brothers trail crew. The Kowalski Brothers built Zoo Pines, Friends of Bruce Ridge tool the trails at Bruce Ridge and Majura Pines Trail Alliance are the guys who look after Majura. Support them financially or physically (volunteer)! Trails do not magically spring from the ground you know…

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