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Trail Builder News

We are currently building two trails in East Kowen, near Sideshow and the Seismic Station. The descending trail is well underway and the climb is roughed in. We’d love a hand with these…


We believe in building trails that have excellent flow and our philosophy towards creating flow relates to surfing. Carving up and down the face of a wave has a certain feel to it and we aim create that same feeling when we build trails. Kowalski trails are all hand-tooled. We have moved many tons of rock in East Kowen and have built many a sweet corner and flowing trail along the way — Sideshow, Beer Garden and Love You Long Time to name a few — and we ain’t done yet. It’s honest work, but we build them right the first time so they will ride better and will last a long time.

We have more great trails planned for East Kowen and we think they will leave riders giddy with excitement. Stay tuned…