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Trophy Art

Our race trophies receive a great deal of interest. They are talked about, picked up, played with and photographed repeatedly. They’re cool, and every trophy is hand made from old bike parts by our crew. You will have to race to get one, but we compete amongst ourselves to see who can make their trophies the most artful.

We started making our own trophies after racing in a 24hr race in Rotorua NZ some years back. They had some neat hand-carved trophies (we just missed out on one) and it struck a real chord with us… so we got to thinking. We wanted our trophies to be unique and memorable and we’d always had a problem with the ‘canned’ trophies from trophy shops. We settled on mixed hardwoods for the bases and used bicycle parts, which is a pretty wide brief when you get down to business.

Over the years we have raided the the discard bins at local bike shops, received huge assistance from SRAM and Monza imports and even put the call out to entrants to donate their old pedals. We end up with a massive range of parts and week or so out from race day we launch into a trophy making frenzy, getting creative with timber, oils, bike parts and power tools. We always have a great deal of fun despite the pressure and the end result is always pleasing. We’re not the first to use old bike parts in art or trophies, but we are glad we found a use for what might normally go to landfill.

You are welcome to get a little crafty with us at the next trophy making session.