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The Roost Mag's Mont 24

The best laid plans almost came to naught at this years Mont 24. With a string of enduro’s postponed due to the recent rain, it certainly looked like the Mont would be next to visit the chopping block. Luckily organisers saw the light. To use a frequently over used term, the Mont is one of the premier “feel good” events of the year and riders turn up from the farthest corners of the country to sample the flowy trails. Driving into the campsite late friday evening, the area was shrouded in darkness betraying the true behemoth size of the Mont that was lurking just beyond the fireroad. I stumbled into the event centre and came across the finals of the Rawhide rollers. The tent was packed and the beers were flowing, please don’t ask me who won this one. I heard the words three way tie and went back to the car to sleep. Big day tomorrow. Read more