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What is The Mont 24 Hour Race?

The MONT 24 Hour Race was renowned as Australia’s favourite festival of MTB and the best way to spend a weekend of bike loving fun with a few thousand mates. It had also been Australia’s largest mountain bike event, but this era has come to an end. East Kowen and Sparrow Hill are undergoing massive change over the next few years due to forest clear fall. Clear fall harvest started in June 2017, and this work has already changed the riding landscape and dramatically reduced the trail network. It would be impossible to run the event here next year and unfortunately Canberra simply lacks a suitable alternate venue. Self Propelled Enterprises has closed its doors and we thank you all for supporting this event over the years.

Watch the highlights videos. 

Riders come to the MONT;

The home of the Mont 24 is East Kowen Forest, Canberra. East Kowen’s network of flowing trails have been built from scratch especially for the Mont by our team of dedicated trail builders and trail volunteers. Through their efforts, East Kowen has become one of the most popular riding destinations in the region. In no particular order we acknowledge

The Mont can mean many things to many people, so we’ve drawn together many of our experiences to give you an insight into what the Mont 24 MTB Hour Race means to us. There’s plenty, so we’ve put them here.


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