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The Kowalski Brothers

The Kowalski Brothers are an award winning volunteer trail building group. Driven, passionate and obsessed with crafting sweet flowing hand tooled trails – they have created over 50km in just a few years. Join Them!

Trail Builder News

TRAIL BUILDING 2016 We are currently building two trails in East Kowen, near Sideshow and the Seismic Station. The descending trail is well… Read more

The Crew

In the early days, we designed and built our tracks in complete secrecy – sneaking into the forest at ungodly hours to do our thing. We… Read more

Get Involved

If you like riding single track, then you should help build them. Become a volunteer trail builder with the Kowalski Brothers Trailworks and… Read more

Kowalski Heritage

Kowalskis have been building trails in the Canberra region since 1990 (including some of the very first trails on Stromlo). In fact, many of… Read more

Trail Buddy App

The trail network in East Kowen Forest and Sparrow Hill is the Canberra region’s largest ride destination. Hand tooled by a small but… Read more


Our good mates at Flow Mountain Bike are a curious lot. They came out to ride our trails, took photos of us and asked a bunch of questions.… Read more

Trophy Art

Our race trophies receive a great deal of interest. They are talked about, picked up, played with and photographed repeatedly. They're cool,… Read more